Pita bread is soft and puffed flatbread made from flour that takes its roots from the Near East, presumably Mesopotamia, around 2500 BC. It is a part of many Middle Eastern, Balkan and Mediterranean delicacies, and slightly resembles other puffed bread, like South Asian flatbreads, pizza crust and Central Asian naan.

From what archeologists can decode, pita bread stemmed from groups of people from the west of the Mediterranean. It is not entirely clear that whether it was the Bedouins or the Amorites who were the pioneers. Both the desert and farming society separately ratified pitas as their own. Before long, its prominence spread as the Bedouin groups exchanged goods and services, and traveled across the Arabian and Sahara deserts.

Initially, the pita was a blend of batter that was left to sit and gather yeast and fresh dough until the revelation that brewers’ yeast works. In the Middle East, It is still regularly made in a patio stove in contrast with the locally acquired pitas that are now made across the globe.

All Bread, is at the forefront of producing new products, we developed a new Organic Pita Bread with astounding qualities.

This Pita Bread is thinner, 80% calories only per loaf, more flexible and stronger, allowing the consumer to make better sandwiches with bread that stays softer than the conventional Pita. 

Another advantage of this new Organic Pita Bread is that if you freeze it,

it will thaw out fresh! 

All of this can be achieved by adding 100% Organic flour, 

100% Organic sugar cane and purified sea salt, as well as state-of-the-art processing equipment recently installed by All Bread in our new bakery.

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